You might have a very clear picture of who you want that special person to be. Or you may have no idea what to expect and are just waiting to be surprised. Either way, waiting for love involves a kaleidoscope of emotions: longing, frustration, anticipation, faith, excitement, loneliness, hope, even despair. So while you’re wishing and wondering, here’s a playlist of songs for the waiting heart.

1. Someone’s Waiting For You – Sammy Fain

This song from the Disney classic The Rescuers was sung for a little girl who was beginning to lose faith. I think the simple sweetness and innocence of it is the perfect balm for those moments of flagging hope, even for grown ups.

2. I Promise – Jaci Velasquez

This song is more than just a promise to wait for the right person, it’s also an expression of faith that he will come in the perfect…

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Worth it.

it's worth waiting for.

This letter is part of my 30 Letter in 30 Days blog challenge. This is for Day 9, a letter for someone you wish you could meet. I’m sharing it here, for those who are waiting and longing too. Let’s keep holding on… ♥

To my one and only,

I have been longing for you ever since I knew how it was to long for someone. To many shooting stars, in birthday candles, fallen eyelashes, in dandelions and flower petals, I have wished for you. For you are out there somewhere, far away in time and place, but you are also here in my heart. Shakespeare said: Journeys end in lovers meeting. I cannot see you yet. The end for us is a long way ahead, but even now I am walking to you my love. Every day, every step, every beat of my heart, I know that the Lord is bringing me nearer to you. The road is long and sometimes I am weary. I long for you so much it feels like I am holding my breath. I long for you to be here, to be near, to be known. I can only dream you, and wish you and wait for you.

So patiently, I will wait . For I know – I am sure – every second of the wait will be worth it. I’ll hold true to the promise I’ve made. For that promise is sacred and it is not in vain. I put my faith to the author of love, of this love, that He will see us through.

I will pray for you as I am waiting. I hope you will (pray) and are (waiting), too. ‘Cause as I walk this road there are still many steps to take, many other paths to go through. As I dream of finding you, there are still other dreams to reach and destinies to be realized. For when I finally find you, I want to be ready. Ready to take on our destiny. God will lead us to that, in perfect time. And when that time comes, I know it will be grand and far-reaching than what I’ve ever dreamed of. Until then, I will be here, praying  and steadfastly waiting. I will keep on longing for you and wishing on stars and dandelions, until every wish comes true and I will finally meet you.

Yours and only yours,


TLW posters – Dare to Wait



A Letter for My Future Husband This is one of several letters I wrote to give to my future husband on our wedding day. I'd just like to share it as an encouragement to those who are also in the season of waiting. June 9, 2007 (2:38 AM) Dearest, By the time you read this, you and I would have met, learned to love each other, and promised to belong together for the rest of our lives. I would have memorized everything about you — your face, your voice, your touch. And you would … Read More

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